Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Archie Book to Get

Archie is once again acknowledging their past by this latest book published through Dark Horse called "Archie Firsts". It's about time that Archie is doing this.

Archie is also planning to do a chronological reprinting of his earliest adventures, similar to what DC is doing with Superman and Batman. Here here!!!


Chris Barat said...


There's another ARCHIE book coming out soon to commemorate the character's 70th anniversary. I think IDW is doing it. FYI.


Mark Arnold said...

They are...and I'm helping write it!!!

Micki said...

Probably everybody knows this already, but it might be worth pointing out that this is not "Veronica Lodge...and [more] as their original fans were introduced to them" since fans were introduced to Veronica in Pep #26 which had a different story from the Archie #1 re-introduction which is reprinted. And were their original fans introduced to Reggie on page 2 (as "Scotty") or page 3 (as an unrecognizable "Reggie") or page 6 (as "Streaky") of the Jackpot story? Finally, we ARE introduced to Moose in the story "The Dangerous Sex" from Jughead #1 even though he isn't ballyhooed on the back of the book.