Tuesday, November 09, 2010

More Beatles Stuff

There are a LOT of new Beatles items to purchase that aren't all necessarily must haves. Currently, Yoko Ono has remastered and reissued all of John Lennon's catalog AGAIN, along with many various greatest hits compilations. It's a little bit of overkill and for the most part unnecessary except for the stripped down version of "Double Fantasy", which some complain about as sacrilege.

Paul McCartney has joined on the bandwagon, by remastering and reissuing "Band On the Run" AGAIN.

By far, the most interesting new releases are the reissues of the Apple back catalog. Most are dispensable if you bought them back in the early 90s, but they do have different bonus tracks. The most interesting and almost must have purchase is the "Best of Apple Records" disc.

Nothing new from Ringo or George as of late, but give them time...

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