Thursday, November 25, 2010

Peter and the Wolf

I am a sucker for "Peter and the Wolf". I feel that it's an amazing piece of music. What's more amazing is how many versions there are available. It seems to be a prerequisite for becoming a true celebrity. You have to record a version of Prokofiev's classic.

Among the people who have recorded a version are David Bowie, Captain Kangaroo, Dame Edna Everage, Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, Sting, Jonathan Winters, Boris Karloff, Jack Lemmon, PDQ Bach, Melissa Joan Hart, Allan Sherman, Hermoine Gingold, Ben Kingsley, Peter Ustinov, Sir John Gielgud, David Attenborough, Dudley Moore, Sesame Street, Will Geer, and even Sophia Loren, Bill Clinton, and Mikhail Gorbachev did a version together!

A personal favorite is "Weird Al" Yancovic's version with Wendy Carlos.

The classic version is the one done by Sterling Holloway ("Winnie the Pooh") for Disney. His version is good on its own or with the cartoon. Some complain about Disney's cartoon because you no longer can imagine what these characters look like anymore. You only think of the Disney versions. I say pooey on that.

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