Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monty Python Edited and NOT Complete

I'm frustrated to find out that the episodes of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" issued in the US on A&E DVD are sometimes censored and have omissions.

For example, "Summarize Proust" was unedited on US broadcast, then on the A&E DVDs it was (omitting the line "and Masturbating"). Truly disappointing.

"Cartoon Religions" used to air uncensored, but later the part with Jesus being crucified on a telephone pole was cut.

Also, a sketch that I forgot about with "Political Choreographers" was completely cut. It has been added as a bonus feature on a later "Python" compilation.

All of these are on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

I even remember small details that have changed like after the "Argument Clinic", Eric Idle says, "And now one more minute of Monty Python's Flying Circus" and it literally was close to a minute before it went on to the next show. Now it just cuts off immediately.

I also remember the episode where they say "Start Again" at the very end of the show and the clown waves. I've seen it where he waves only once and I've seen it where he waves two times before the fade-to-black.

So the A&E sets are incomplete, and I am not imagining things. If you review yesterday's blog about Terry Gilliam, that piece of animation may still exist somewhere. You'd think Python themselves would want to remedy this as they were so up in arms when their shows were edited by ABC back in the 70s.

Even on the records the "Farewell to John Denver" still appears on US pressings of "Contractual Obligation Album", but not on UK pressings of the CDs and is still included in the US "Instant Record Collection" CD.

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