Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More "Looney Tunes" on DVD!

Unfortunately, the "Looney Tunes Golden Collection" series has been retired after six volumes, but the good news is that Warner Bros. is going to continue releasing new collections. There are two coming out in August, one featuring Bugs Bunny and the other featuring Daffy Duck with no repeats from the previous collections.

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I have my own list of 66 favorite Looney Tunes that most definitely should be on DVD. As of the last count, there are still 44 remaining. With these new collections, let's see how many are left...

My wants:
1. The Village Smithy
2. Egghead Rides Again
3. Porky's Hero Agency*
4. Cinderella Meets Fella
5. Hamateur Night
6. Porky's Picnic
7. Porky the Giant Killer
8. The Timid Toreador
9. Porky's Cafe**
10. Fresh Hare***
11. The Impatient Patient
12. Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs
13. Daffy Doodles
14. Hot Cross Bunny****
15. A Lad in His Lamp
16. The Bee-Deviled Bruin
17. Rabbit Every Monday
18. Ballot Box Bunny
19. Thumb Fun
20. The Hasty Hare
21. Fool Coverage
22. I Gopher You
23. No Parking Hare
24. Beanstalk Bunny
25. Hare Brush
26. The High and the Flighty
27. Rabbitson Crusoe
28. Piker's Peak
29. Hareway to the Stars
30. Bonanza Bunny
31. Wet Hare
32. Bill of Hare

Woo-hoo! We're down to 32 left! Actually, 28 if you count the following:
*"Porky's Hero Agency" is available on the "Marked Woman" DVD.
**"Porky's Cafe" is avaiable on the "Porky's Cafe" public domain DVD.
***"Fresh Hare" is available on the "Captains of the Clouds" DVD.
****"Hot Cross Bunny" is available on "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" DVD.

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