Monday, May 17, 2010

I recently bought a copy of "The Fox and the Crow" #105 (August-September 1967). The funniest thing about this long-running series is how DC Comics starting phasing out "The Fox and the Crow" in 1965 and phasing in "Stanley and his Monster" instead of just creating a brand new book. "Monster" debuted in #95(January 1966). By issue #102, Fox and Crow didn't even appear on the cover of their own book anymore (except in little head shots) and by issue #109, the transition was complete with a title change to "Stanley and his Monster". The transition probably wasn't worth the trouble as "Stanley and his Monster" only lasted until #112 (October-November 1968), despite a logo change to make it emulate those of Archie Comics.

I enjoy both features, but as they have very distinctive artwork and styles, the combination of the two in the same book is almost as jarring as it was in "Archie Meets the Punisher". At least Stanley and monster never co-starred with Fox and Crow in the same strip.

"Stanley and his Monster" was briefly revived in 1993, but it still didn't catch on, while the rest of us wait in vain for "The Fox and the Crow" archival edition that will never come as Columbia Pictures owns the rights to the characters.

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