Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Star Comics All Star Collection" Volume 3 and 4!

I just purchased volume 3 of the "Star Comics All Star Collection" and I've just heard that volume 4 will be coming out in July. This is great news because after volume 5, every issue of "Planet Terry", "Top Dog", "Royal Roy" and "Wally the Wizard" will be issued in this graphic novel form.

Volume 3 completes the run of "Royal Roy's" six issues and has issues 5 and 6 of both "Terry" and "Wally" and 7-9 of "Top Dog". Volume 4 will have 7-9 of "Terry" and "Wally" and 10-12 of "Top Dog". If all goes to plan, volume 5 will have "Terry" and "Wally" #10-12 and "Top Dog" #13 and 14 and I guess some bonus stories that originally appeared in "Heathcliff" or something.

A MUST read for any serious Harvey fan...

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