Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Shrek 4" Excellent

I have been a reluctant "Shrek" fan from the start. When I saw the initial preview trailers for the first "Shrek" almost a decade ago, I said to myself, "Ugh! The character design on this film is horrible and it looks like it's not going to be funny at all!"

Fortunately, I went to see the first "Shrek" film anyway and instantly fell in love with its characters and its humor. My initial thoughts immediately vanished. I ended up seeing it 3x in the theaters and it became one of my favorite films of past decade.

I went to see "Shrek 2" and also the 3-D short as well, and liked those, too. By the time, "Shrek 3" came out, I felt "enough already" and actually didn't see that one until long after it came out on home video. It was STILL good.

Last Christmas, there was a half-hour Christmas special. THAT was good.

So, when the fourth one came out and they touted it as the last one, I felt I had to see it. Then, it did come out and got some harsher reviews than I had heard for the other ones. This did not deter me and I went to see it last night.

I'm happy to say that it is a fine entry in the series and a fitting conclusion. It is a little darker than the others, but that's fine. It ties everything together very nicely. The basic story is that Shrek is bored with his mundane life of being a husband and father, so he makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin in order to have one more day where every one fears him.

Problem (as usual) with those type of deals is that there's always a "catch", so in best "It's a Wonderful Life" fashion, Shrek regrets his decision and tries to make amends to get his old life back.

Of course, Shrek's decision has affected everyone else in his life. He is no longer married, no longer has kids and his former friends are alienated. During the course of the movie amends are made and of course, there's the inevitable happy ending.

Definitely worth seeing even if you are sick of "Shrek" like I was by the third entry.

"Do the roar!"

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