Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Howard Post (1926-2010)

Longtime Harvey artist Howard Post passed away last Friday. I would like to say a few words about the amazing Howie Post.

Post did tons of work for Harvey, most memorably on "Hot Stuff", "Spooky", "Wendy" and "Little Audrey" as well as the "Spoonmen" ads that appeared in the center pages.

After he left Harvey, he worked for Marvel's Star Comics working on "Wally the Wizard", "Count Duckula" and "Heathcliff". He also did "Anthro" for DC Comics in the 60s and ran the Paramount Animation Studio for a time in the 60s as well.

Typically, he is one of those underrated-but-everyone-knows-his-work type of artists.

I spoke to him a couple of times and have printed many interviews with Post in "The Harveyville Fun Times!" Post also contributed the cover to "THFT!" #67, which I have also reprinted above.

He will be missed...

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