Monday, May 03, 2010

Long Wanted First Appearance in Inexpensive Form

Wow, before I do my review, I would just have to say that Stu O'Boogie is rather harsh on not only this, but his other Harvey book reviews, and his reviews in general. 99% of the time it seems that he gives one star to something, acknowledging that it is something he wouldn't read or it is in black and white or incomplete or something else. My hope is that he does not review my book "The Best of The Harveyville Fun Times!", which is in black and white for a very good reason, because it is a scrapbook reprinting of my fanzine, which originally was in black and white.

I have to say that if you don't find a book or DVD interesting for yourself, but have no intentions of actually reading it, viewing it or buying it, such reviews are useless, and are just annoying.

As for myself, this "Casper" book is EXACTLY the type of book I wanted for years, a full-color hardback featuring the very first appearances of "Casper". Never mind that it is my copy of "Casper" #6 that was used for the scans in this book, I would have purchased it regardless.

I am STILL happy that these books are coming out because for me, black and white Harvey is better than NO Harvey, which is how it was for over a decade. This one is in FULL COLOR and for that we should celebrate.

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