Monday, May 16, 2011

Thor Not a Bore!

I saw the previews for "Thor", the new Marvel Comics superhero film and was not impressed. It looked as if it would be a boring time. I heard some good reviews, so I decided to chance it and after a requisite space battle, the story settled into a very fun and amusing groove that had me riveted. There were many doses of humor and action and the whole thing held together very well and everyone did a good job. People have said that it's not as good as "Iron Man", but better than "Iron Man 2". Well, I liked "Iron Man" 1 and 2 equally and like this as well. Make sure to stay through the closing credits....


Chris Barat said...


Off topic... when will THFT! 75 be mailed out?


Mark Arnold said...

I thought I sent you an email. Must have been an oversite. I'm supposed to get my copies on May 23.