Monday, May 02, 2011

Doggie Diner!!!

Doggie Diner was a chain of hot dog restaurants that appeared all over the San Francisco Bay Area from 1949-1986. At its peak, there were over 30 restaurants all sporting a huge dog head affectionately known as the Doggie Diner head.

You can still see one head in circulation in its original location (almost) by the San Francisco Zoo. It has been restored and registered as a Landmark of some sort. The restaurant it sits by is no longer called Doggie Diner, however.

There is also a head at San Jose's Streetlight Records. There used to be a head that was part of the Museum of Modern Mythology, but they haven't been open in years, so I don't know its current whereabouts. And, if you go to Burning Man, they usually truck out three of the heads to the festivities in central Nevada.

I was in San Francisco on Saturday and saw three heads sitting unattended on a flatbed, so I took some photos and here they are. I also took photos with my friend Greg to show you relative sizes.

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