Sunday, May 22, 2011

Even More on Richie Rich

Scoop!, the weekly email newsletter from Diamond Distribution reported that the new "Richie Rich" #1 has sold out, and is going into a reprint. This stirred even more controversy on the Richie Rich's Vault as everyone reasoned that of course it sold out because it was a #1, and everyone was curious and print runs on comics are lower than then they used to be.

Of course, none of these publishers really have had any faith in anything Harvey since the early 90s. No Harvey related series has lasted more than a handful of issues, regardless of sales... Let's take a look:

1. Casper and Friends Magazine - 3 issues

2. Harvey, the Magazine for Children - 7 issues

3. Harvey Comics Classics - 5 books (3 books did sell out, but 2 of those were never reissued (Richie Rich and Hot Stuff))

4. Harvey Comics Treasury - 2 books (with a 3rd planned that probably won't come out (Richie Rich), because these sold particularly poorly.)

5. Casper and the Spectrals - 3 issues (with a year gap between issues 1 and 2)

6. Richie Rich (new series) - 4 issues (and a FCBD edition)

and of course, there have been a few one-shots here and there...

I STILL think that they way to reintroduce Harvey Comics to children is to give it over to the amazing Archie Comics and let them produce digest reprints with maybe one or two new stories and distribute them to grocery stores, but who listens to me. I've been saying that since 1994...

I will say that at my local Lee's Comics, the Richie Rich did sell out and I polled a few people that I know did buy and most said that they'd buy it again. In fact, at the Big Wow! Toy Show that I'm at this weekend, most were commenting on how appalling Sid and Ernie's story was, compared to the rest of the book...most were happy with the reboot with the most negative comment being that the new story would be confusing for small children. The old Harveys always had arrows that told you where to go and not too much dialogue.

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