Sunday, May 29, 2011

The BEST Archie History Book So Far...

I did help out Craig Yoe with this book, but it is not why it is the best. It would have been the best even without my help. Craig has strived...striven? ok, Yoe has made sure that he gave ample coverage to virtually all of the major Archie artists and writers over the years, something no other collection has done. While I truly regard Dan De Carlo as one of the greats, most Archie volumes give him praise if they give anyone praise, truly overlooking a lot of the other talents including Bob Montana and my favorite, Harry Lucey! Even the writers are covered at great length such as George Gladir. There is not only coverage of the comic books, but of the radio shows, TV shows, and The Archies singing group! Yoe has even created pages of his top 10 favorite Archie covers in various categories. Not an easy feat since there are over 5000 Archie covers at this point, over 600 on the main Archie title alone. So please buy and enjoy. It's a very handsome looking book even if you are only a casual fan. This will make you a fan!

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Chris Barat said...


I got this book and am about to start reading it. Looks very classy and thorough. Archie Comics have deserved a full-scale history of this sort for quite some time.