Sunday, May 29, 2011

Might as well plug the Beatles book too

Well, my Beatles book still isn't up yet on Amazon, but not to worry. If you want to order it, it's available now through Just search for the title "Mark Arnold Picks On The Beatles" and it'll be there. This book has a lengthier genesis than the two Cracked books, mainly because I started it sooner (2007) and put it on the shelf as I completed my TTV and Cracked books and my final issues of "The Harveyville Fun Times!" Now, they're all done and I'm bored...not really. I'm starting work on a Disney book and there are other books in the planning, as well as I'm doing commentary for some upcoming Shout Factory DVD releases. Above is the front, spine and back cover to my Beatles book.

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gusDon said...

Books about the Beatles? Of course always interesting to write about them, stories that do not run out...

They have a great work in the past and their songs always sounded until now. Many musical groups inspired by them!