Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wondercon Aftermath

I was too tired to write anything yesterday. My brain was fried from Wondercon after working there all weekend. I worked at Lee's Comics booth and also had books for sale at my friend Greg Beda's booth. I actually sold 3 copies of my TTV book!

I went around with my Beatles book and the consensus opinion is that the original Bill Morrison cover was much better than the replacement I put on my proof copy. After agreeing to this, I will reinstate the original cover, but will use assistance in the coloring by Greg mentioned above.

I want the Beatles book to look the best, so delaying it a little longer to get it right is ok...

At Wondercon, I bought some very cheap Archie original art by the recently-retired Stan Goldberg who has been at Archie for over 50 years. I also got a few more signatures for my Marvel book including Lou "Hulk" Ferrigno. He was very gracious and has a (expected) monster grip in his handshake.

I also saw friends, but was really busy over the weekend. What surprised me is the return of people actually buying comic books after about a 3-4 year hiatus. Lee's has always had fair grading and prices, but sales had slowed significantly over the past few years. Not anymore. People were snapping up many of the higher-priced wall books including many "Journey Into Mystery" books, probably in time for the upcoming "Thor" movie.

Next, is the Stan Lee signing this Saturday at Comic Collector Shop. More on that later.

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