Monday, April 18, 2011

Band On the Run Remastered AGAIN

I finally purchased the newly remastered version of Paul McCartney's "Band On the Run" that came out last year. I delayed because this is now the fifth or sixth time I have purchased this album on CD, even more if you count the LP version and of course, there's the three singles from the album ("Band On the Run", "Jet" and sometimes "Helen Wheels").

I hesitated because I hate buying the same album over and over and over. These artists love reissuing everything and adding extra tracks and/or remastering them. So, the big to-do about this version is that it has a second CD with some demo versions and a DVD that has the until-now-unavailable "One Hand Clapping" film.

Was it worth the wait? Probably not, but here it is. They also tacked on the videos associated with the album, but still have them cropped as they did on "The McCartney Years" DVD collection from a few years back. Oh well.

The CD has a small flyer promising revamped versions of "McCartney", "Venus and Mars", "McCartney II", "Ram", "Wings at the Speed of Sound" and "Wings Over America". These better be chock full of goodies as the single b-sides associated with these albums have already been issued as bonus tracks before. It would be nice if "Wings Over America" had the complete "Rock Show" movie, but we'll see. Of course, there are plenty of outtakes from these eras like "Indeed I Do", "All You Horseriders", "Mr. H Atom", "Blue Sway" and more. Not that all of these songs are necessarily worthy of release, but at this point they should be anyway...

The photo above features all the different variations you can buy...

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