Friday, April 08, 2011

Look Who's 95

You know who turns 95 this year? No, it's not Joe Simon. He turned 95 last year. Why, it's Mr. Peanut, the mascot from Planter's Peanuts. Yay!

As a child, I LOOOOVVVEEEEDDD Mr. Peanut. My mom used to buy the small baggies of nuts and then send off for various items with Mr. Peanut on them: coloring books, banks, cups, pens, whatever. I enjoyed them all and still own most of them. Some I had to throw away as the plastic wasn't the strongest and they broke or I drew in the coloring books so hard that the pages fell out.

So, anyway, Happy Birthday, Mr. Peanut! What is your first name, anyway? Bertram?

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Chris Barat said...


Have you seen the new "claymation" animated ads with Mr. Peanut? They do a pretty decent job of updating the character.