Saturday, April 16, 2011

Steve Ditko

I tried to interview Ditko for my upcoming "Cracked" book. I figured that maybe Ditko didn't like to be interviewed about Spider-Man, but probably didn't care about
"Cracked", so he'd talk about that.

He sent me back a hand-written postcard stating: "I'm sorry, I can't provide the information you are looking for. S.D."

For those who don't know, Ditko drew "Robot Wars" for "Cracked" for about 3 years in the late 80s when Mort Todd (Michael Delle-Femine)was editor. Todd told me that even though Ditko gives the appearance of not talking and being reclusive, he in fact, is quite opinionated about things (including Spider-Man) and basically wouldn't shut up
when provoked into stating his opinions. He just does not relish the spotlight and feels that his artwork speaks for itself.

Actually, Todd regrets that he never recorded these conversations and that he never got Ditko to do a cover for "Cracked" at the time. He might have convinced him to
do a Spidey cover...

He just never wanted to piss Ditko off for fear that Ditko would walk. Once Todd quit "Cracked", Ditko did as well, and that was the end of their association there, but he did get Ditko to draw a cover for Marvel's "Curse of the Weird" and "Monster Menace" reprint series.

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