Saturday, April 09, 2011

Captain America is 70

So, I saluted Joe Simon for being 97, but I forgot to mention that his co-creation, Captain America, turns 70 this year!!

Simon created Cap with artist Jack Kirby, who is considered comic book artist par excellence among comic book collectors.

Marvel did a nice thing this year by reissuing the first issue of "Captain America" from 1941 in a nice, recolored version that makes it look like a modern comic book! Some may quibble about this upgrading, but you can seek out an original if you want. It's only worth about a quarter of a million dollars in mint!

Anyway, the comic also is complete with recolored versions of the long forgotten backup features as well: "Hurricane" and "Tuk Caveboy"!

I like these redone versions and I hope that it starts a trend. It makes something old look new again!

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