Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Sucker Punch" Review

So, I saw a sneak preview for "Sucker Punch" last night. I make it a point to not find out too much about a movie before I see it in order to be surprised.

Surprised I was, but not in a good way. I knew "Sucker Punch" was directed by the same guy who directed "300" (loved it) and "Watchman" (hated it), so I was skeptical, but the previews seemed fun of some hot, young goth chicks kicking ass.

Unfortunately... (SPOILER WARNING)

the goth chicks kicking ass was all a fantasy and it played out like a lame video game with no suspense, no drama, nothing. The "real" story is that the main chick (do these girls really deserve names?) was accused of killing her sister and threatening her father, so she's thrown into the looney bin....and then the fun begins.

They have to go through the motions to get some various pieces of crap including a lighter, a map, and a huge kitchen knife. They get this stuff while the main girl dances. We never see her actually dance as that's when the movie takes us to her fantasy-video game life.

In the end, the movie tries to make amends to its inherent silliness by trying to tack on a symbolic ending where it wasn't the main girl's story but the other girl's. By this point, you just think, "Who cares?" and then at the very, very end they tack on some "words of wisdom" explaining basically that everything you saw for the past two hours really wasn't a waste of time...really!


After it was over, I turned to my friend, Lee, and said, "That was silly!" in my best Bob Clampett Tweety-bird voice.

In fact, the movie probably would have improved it if at some point Tweety popped in and said, "I like this. It's silly!"

Visually, it was great. Storywise, although different and somewhat unique was a bit strained and so overall I liked it, didn't love it, not sure if I can even recommend it. It's too silly for people who like strange movies and too strange for people who like straight movies.

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Saw this on the topic of Sucker Punch this morning:

@Annaleen Annalee Newitz
Somebody really, honestly thought they should cross Girl, Interrupted with Burlesque and Aeon Flux and let Zack Snyder direct it. Oookay.

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