Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Frozen in Ice" is My Next Book?

Since I've just completed my Beatles book, "Mark Arnold Picks on The Beatles" and am virtually finished with my "Cracked" book, "If You're Cracked You're Happy: The History of Cracked Mazagine", I have decided to tackle another pet project.

I have always liked the years of Disney when I was a kid. I suppose it is sort of a nostalgia thing, but also it was when Disney was still "pure". I have approached many publishers to publish such a book, and none of them dare touch it, either because it doesn't interest them or because they don't want to incur the wrath of The Walt Disney Company.

The years 1966-1985 weren't always the best years for the company, but they did accomplish quite a lot. These accomplishments have been glaringly overlooked by succeeding journalists and fans. Most people claim that when Walt died, nothing happened until Michael Eisner woke everyone up. There's even a book out now called "Waking Up Sleeping Beauty" about the Disney animation department, that was supposedly in the doldrums until "The Little Mermaid".

Some of that may be true, and in fact is, but the point is, some quality animation and other projects DID come out during the late 60s, 70s and early 80s. That is the point of my new book.

I created a quickie cover with the title "What Would Walt Do?". I liked the image, but I had to change the title as there are other books with this same title and also a group that claims a trademark on the phrase. I think "Frozen in Ice" works quite well.

As I haven't even started this book and this is a "pet" project like The Beatles book, it may or may not be done for a few years, depending on whatever else I'm working on.

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