Monday, March 14, 2011

Natalie Wood

Should I feel bad that I think that someone who is dead is still hot? I don't know. It's a guilty pleasure, I suppose. I also think Dorothy L'Amour and Rita Hayworth are hot. I do think some women who are alive are hot too, but if they're a celebrity, my chances of getting with them are about as remote as getting with the dead ones, so I might as well lust over the photos.

It kind of reminds me of The Who's "Pictures of Lily" when it is revealed that the lady the young lad in the song is lusting over has been dead since 1929.

I was looking up these photos for a series of ads that are for a local restaurant called Maltby's. I also had to look up others like Marilyn Monroe, and many others. Some men, too. I just rewatched "The Maltese Falcon" for the umpteenth time and just was marveling at how cool Humphrey Bogart was and he died a decade before I was even born.

Some people think I'm nuts because I like stuff that occurred before I was born and it is no longer new. For me, I see it as "new" to me, and that's all that matters. I'd feel really bad if I was only interested in stuff that happened after 1966. I'd be missing out on so much...

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Greg said...

I like A LOT of stuff created before I was born. I'm with you Mark. I feel nostalgia for people who died long before I was born. So be it. Amen.