Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Political Stuff

I've been asked to write a political blog entry again. The funny thing is, I am not trying to raise the ire of anyone. I'm just spouting off my unsolicited opinions about how I feel things are going.

Last time, I stated something to the effect that President Obama is "just kinda there". This raised some controversy as there are a lot of people out there that really, seriously think that Obama is intentionally doing stuff to ruin this country.

Believe me, it isn't Obama. It was the last guy, Bush. I will always say it. I am a registered Republican still (why, I don't know sometimes) and even voted for Bush in 2000. (I have regretted this decision ever since.) Bush felt he had some ordained calling to bring us to the Apocalypse or something. That's why I never liked him post-9/11. He should have been "just kinda there", but he did things that were intentionally harmful to this country, like take us to a war that we're still in.

Anyway, everyone who is anti-Obama keeps saying that Obama is doing all these bailouts. Well, who did the first one? And who would have kept doing them if his second term didn't end?

Besides, it's big business with their lack of self-discipline and no restrictions that is really ruining this country.

My reasons for saying that Obama is "just kinda there" is that everyone gets all in an uproar over this healthcare issue that isn't really workable and isn't enforceable. The only way to truly do the healthcare thing is to charge $9 a gallon for gas like they do in England and the overage from our $4 a gallon gas would be given to the healthcare providers so that you wouldn't have to have insurance. You just would be able to go in and get serviced with no bills.

Obama is a true politician, pure and simple. He really wants to get re-elected because for some reason all of these guys think that if you have a two-term presidency, it looks good in the history books.

As a result, Obama plays it safe. He also plays it safe in order not to spring up the race card. I know a lot of these Tea Party people, if they were COMPLETELY honest, would actually say that they don't like Obama, not because of his policies or what he does, but basically because he's black. It's "Blazing Saddles" in real life, folks, and the Teabaggers are the citizens of Rock Ridge.

I've said this before, too. People get all in an uproar because Obama might be a Muslim. What if he came out and directly said he was? What are we going to do? Kick him out? It seems like there is still Freedom of Religion in this country, and unfortunately, Christians, Jews and Atheists, this extends to Islam, too. Until we change the law, this is the truth!

He also isn't a Socialist, nor is he trying to make us a Socialist state. For those who don't understand, a Socialist is not what Stalin was. Stalin was a dictator. And for those of you who don't like Socialism, please sign over your Social Security checks to me, please don't visit the library, don't send your kids to school and when you need help, please don't contact the police or fire department.

Another thing people get in an uproar about and I've had friends that I will not name here tell me so, is that Obama is going to take away our ability to own guns. Where? When has he said so? And why couldn't ANY President be able to do that? And could he be able to do that?

No, Obama is too wishy-washy to do that. He really, really, really just wants to remain President and does not want to rock the boat. Which is why I have said and continue to believe that he's "just kinda there". He's biding his time until 2017, should he win a second term.

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