Thursday, March 17, 2011

Books on CD

I am really getting into books on CD at the moment. I listened to the audio version of "Paul McCartney: A Life" by Peter Carlin, and then "Here's Johnny" by Ed McMahon. Now I am listening to "39 Years of Short Term Memory" by Tom Davis.

As I am a fan of vintage radio, these readings sometimes remind me of such, especially when they add sound effects and music. Then it seems like one of those old dramatic shows.

I also have been listening to get an idea for my own books as BearManor has offered to do audio books of my books. I plan to use myself and the provided cast for my TTV book, and former "Cracked" editor Mort Todd is scheduled to read for my "Cracked" book.

I have no plans at present for my Harvey book or upcoming Beatles book, but you never know.

I'll keep you posted when these will become available.

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