Wednesday, April 26, 2006

High Gas Prices and Healthcare

How come no one ever comments that the high gas prices we pay in the US have nothing to do with health care? Meaning, in the UK and other European countries they have gas prices topping $6.00 a gallon, but they get something for paying that higher price, namely healthcare! In the US, it's "every man for himself" regarding healthcare and you have to depend on your workplace to provide this coverage, so if you are unemployed, you are out of luck. I would rather pay $6.00 a gallon and not pay for healthcare through my work. Arguably, I would make more money from work.

So, anyone reading this who has any sort of influence, please introduce healthcare taxes from gasoline that will pay for healthcare coverage for all... Certain things in the US need to be socialized, whether we like it or not. For some reason we think "socialism" is a dirty word, but "socialism" works for things EVERYONE needs like healthcare.


Mark Arnold

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