Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Canadian Stepdancing

You learn something new every day. I found out about Canadian Stepdancing today. There's a hottie named Tiffany Fewster who is apparently really good at it. It seems to be all the rage in Canada, and as usual for things Canadian in this country (US), apart from "SCTV", "Kids in the Hall" and "Red Green", and maybe "The Frantics", it means nothing here. So much so as I never even heard of it, but I am also not a dancer. I at least have heard of clogging, which is almost as obscure. I find it amazing how little we know of our neighbors to the north...and we don't seem to care!!


Mark Arnold


Anonymous said...

Wow, people in the States know who The Frantics are?

You just blew my mind.

Never heard of Canadian stepdancing, though, sorry.

Elizabeth Whelan said...

I just saw some of that step dancing last night done by one of the members of Le Vent du Nord, a traditional French Canadian band that can really play!

Once you have seen it done, you want to learn it for yourself -- it's danced in one place not all over the stage like Irish dance, and has a great percussive sound!

Elizabeth Whelan said...
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