Thursday, April 20, 2006

Disney Movie Club

It is disappointing to find out that some movies released onto DVD by Disney are only available through the Disney Movie Club. The two in question that concern me are "The Horse Without a Head" and "A Tiger Walks". Now, I have solved the problem by ordering through Ebay, but that seems kind of a shabby way to go about things. Granted, these aren't Disney's most popular films, but I feel that if Disney is concerned about their remaining unreleased to DVD films not making any money, restricting them to the Disney Movie Club where an outsider like me can't order them directly isn't the right way to go.

If Disney doesn't want to distribute them to stores that's one thing, but please make the remaining unreleased to DVD movies available on Amazon or something. Oh well, I guess Ebay it is. I don't like to be locked into movie clubs...


Mark Arnold

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