Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Frantics

Somebody responded to my blog saying, "Wow, people in the States know who The Frantics are? You just blew my mind." Well yes, thanks to Dr. Demento, who seemed to play "Tai Kwan Leap/Boot to the Head" every week on his syndicated radio show.

Through Demento's CD compilations, I rediscovered that track, plus the tracks "You Were Speeding" and "Last Will and Temperament" (the other variation of "Boot to the Head"). Initially, I thought they were a one-joke act until a friend of mine burned me a CD of their first long out-of-print album "Frantic Times".

Virtually every track was a gem and I was hooked. Recently, I found the "Boot to the Head" CD in a record shop and loved that album too. And now "Frantic Times" is on a CD, which I have on order.

I also found out that Steve Smith was part of the also very funny "Red Green Show" which aired in the San Francisco Bay Area for a number of years on a local PBS station KTEH 54.

I just went to before writing this blog and it says that The Frantics are active again and have a new CD called "Enemies of Reason", which I will be buying shortly when I get some money again.

There is also a "Bootleg" CD of a 2004 concert available and a 3-CD box set coming soon. The best news is The Frantics are performing again. This is great news for someone who never even saw or heard of them the first time around. Guess I'll have to trek up to Canada, unless they decide to tour the US...


Mark Arnold

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Anonymous said...

They also had a TV show on CBC, called "Four On The Floor." Very funny. Must be available somewhere...