Friday, December 02, 2005

Team America and South Park

I used to be a big fan of "South Park". Then after I felt it ran its course after a couple seasons, it kept going and going and going, so eventually I stopped watching it (not having cable helps a lot). Anyway, "Team America" came out on DVD and I felt that since this was supposed to be a little more "sophisticated" than "South Park", I'd give it a shot.

Amazingly, except for their parody of "Rent", the entire film was way too serious and straight and the novelty of having marionettes wore off after a few minutes. I was bored. I sped through the end. Sorry.

Also, Trey Parker and Matt Stone should really work on some different character voices. All of their character voices sound like Terrance and Philip, and although those voices seem to work for those obnoxious characters from "South Park", they come off as extraordinarily irritating in "Team America".


Mark Arnold

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