Thursday, December 15, 2005

Captain Marvel Movies

Today's my birthday!! My dad got me a DVD of the old Republic serial of Captain Marvel and I was amazed at how different the series was to the old Fawcett comic books. I was hoping for an origin story similar to what appeared in "Whiz Comics" #2, but no such luck. The serial was entertaining nonetheless, considering its limitations, but not really true to the character. Even the Saturday morning series "Shazam!" from the 70s was not true to the character, but seemed closer to the mark.

I would like to see DC (the current owners of Fawcett's Captain Marvel) and Marvel (the current owners of their versions of Captain Marvel and the name) come to some sort of an agreement that a feature film be made similar to the Superman or Batman movies, but with a lot more humor (which was a Captain Marvel trademark) and an accurate origin (Billy Batson works for a newspaper, later a radio station, and follows a stranger into a subway, and meets Shazam, the old wizard who grants him special powers...), and appearances by Mr. Tawny, Mr. Mind, Dr. Sivana, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., etc., etc.

I think it could be great. Get Peter Jackson to work on it...


Mark Arnold

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