Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Saving Casper the Friendly Ghost (circa 1972)

There have been many "resurrections" of Casper the Friendly Ghost. Most notably recently with the book release of "The Ultimate Casper". There was a time before when Casper faced the chopping block circa 1972.

Alan Harvey informed me on a recent phone call that the reason that they created the "Casper and Richie Rich" title in the first place was that the "Casper" title had been floundering for years and it was a last-ditch attempt to "rescue" the character before facing the chopping block. If you notice the "Casper" title, it carried reprints for quite a number of years, and the only place you could find new Casper material was in "Richie Rich and Casper". The brief Casper line expansion of 1972-73 apparently did nothing to improve sales and all were canceled by the time "RR&C" debuted.


Mark Arnold

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