Friday, December 16, 2005

Rolling Stones Rarities Volume 2?

So I got "Rolling Stones Rarities 1971-2003". It's a mixed bag but worth it only for the CD debuts of "Through the Lonely Nights" and "Let it Rock" among others. Of course, now with the age of downloads, waiting for a CD issue is a moot point. Should they do a volume 2 and using the same "rarity" qualifications of previously released, but not on a regular album, I would like to see the following:

1. Jump on Top of Me
2. Think I'm Going Mad
3. Cook Cook Blues
4. When the Whip Comes Down (Live "Sucking in the 70s" version)
5. Everything is Turning to Gold
6. The Storm
7. So Young
8. Honest I Do ("Hope Floats" Soundtrack)
9. Undercover (12" version)
10. Too Much Blood (12" version)
11. I'm Going to Drive
12. Long Black Veil (with The Chieftans)
13. Rocky Road to Dublin (with The Chieftans)
14. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss (with BB King)
15. Highwire
16. Sex Drive
17. Winning Ugly (12" Version)

There are obviously more alternate and live versions and truly unreleased stuff, but I tried to stick to around 16 tracks like the first set.


Mark Arnold

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