Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Paul McCartney (Again!) Return to Pepperland

I've been downloading a lot of unreleased McCartney tunes lately and had a realization about them. Admittedly, a lot of unreleased McCartney was unreleased for a reason, but there are more than a handful of good tunes that exist in finished form that are as good or better than most or all of the tracks on McCartney's latest "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard".

One of these is a tune called "Return to Pepperland" which was originally recorded around 1987. I find myself humming and singing this tune to myself over and over and wondered why doesn't he release this now? McCartney is always concerned about having yet another hit album and this one would be an obvious choice.

Who cares if it was recorded almost 20 years ago? No one would no the difference if it wasn't told to them. Besides, McCartney could start playing it now in concerts and act like it was a new tune.

McCartney once toyed with the idea of releasing an album of unreleased songs called "Hot Hits and Cold Cuts", but even that was never released. Perhaps McCartney has forgotten about these recordings or more likely doesn't care. He seems to be more interested in getting down any sort of noodling on his guitar before he runs out of steam, but if the "Chaos" tunes are any indication, he might be better off reevaluating and releasing the wealth of his unreleased tunes.

Another great unreleased tune is "Cage" and still another is "Waterspout". I would pay real money for an official release, but since there isn't one, I resort to illegal downloads. So Mr. McCartney if you want more billions, how about a box set of the best of the rest???


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