Saturday, November 19, 2005

Batman Begins

Am I living on the wrong planet? Am I missing something? I just saw "Batman Begins" last night for the first time on DVD and was bored silly! Give me the Tim Burton or even the Adam West Batman anyday (and even THOSE movies are stupid).

For months, friends have been clamoring for me to see this "Batman" because it was very WELL-WRITTEN and EXCITING! I was intrigued by these comments because I usually find most Superhero-based movies (or action movies, in general) of recent vintage awful, with poor writing, poor acting, and an overabundance of computer effects. (Before you go writing me tons of hate mail, I am a fan of the two "X-Men" movies, and of the two "Spider-Man" movies among others, and felt that the Tim Burton "Batman" movies had their moments, so even though I am not a huge superhero fan, I can appreciate the genre and be entertained by them.)

Some may say that I should have seen it in the theater. Perhaps. But if you have to depend upon a movie to be in the theater to be good, there's something wrong. I saw the 2nd "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" on TV first, and I already claimed that I liked them, so phooey! The movie experience is one of imagination, so I can easily imagine that I am in a huge googolplex when I watch a DVD. I just crank up the speakers, sit close to the set, and throw a $10 bill into the toilet!

The only positive thing I can say about it is that the whole "Batman" thing was treated seriously, which is probably what true fans have always asked for, instead of just silly like in the Adam West days. It's still no "Batman Adventures" cartoon series, which is what I feel was the best representation of Batman on screen ever. And who said serious has to mean DULL?!


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