Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Emitt Rhodes and The Beatles

Through an e-mail from my friend Joe who lives in Prague, I was alerted to the existence of a musician named Emitt Rhodes. As much of a Beatlemaniac as I am, it's surprising that I have never heard of the man. Apparently, from what I've gathered from the Internet (greatest invention ever!) I have discovered that he put out a couple of albums with his group called The Merry-Go-Round, and then followed those up with a few solo albums before finally fading into obscurity. The first of those has been touted as a long lost Beatles album because of how it sounds. I downloaded a couple of tracks and although he does sound close to The Beatles, he really sounds closer to Badfinger, another group I happen to love.

Unfortunately, his LPs and later CD reissues are long out of print (and now very pricey), and since he has never sold very well, it is doubtful that they will reissue them again very soon. So downloading it is...sorry FBI.

Anyway, check him out. You may be surprised. I was.


Mark Arnold

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Steve said...

I've got all of Emitt's LPs, downloaded, unfortunately. His first album and the Merry Go Round are just brilliant albums. He kind of lost direction later on, apparently under pressure from the label. He released a great track in the 80s called Tame the Lion which you should check out. Speaking of comparisons, I'd say he is closer to Harry Nilsson than McCartney or Badfinger. Most Harry fans would say so anyhow.