Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cds vs. DVDs

Why do CDs cost more than DVDs? I know there are exceptions to everything, but many new DVDs are coming out at approximately $15-$20 where as the list price for a new CD is $19! DVD contain more information usually 2-3x more and it is visual and there are more bonus features.

A good case in point is the new John Lennon reissues. "Walls and Bridges" from 1974 came out recently in a remastered version but the cost is $19 for a list price copy. The original album is about 40 minutes in length and with the extras it is probably no more than 50 minutes in length. The maximum time a CD can carry is 80 minutes.

I even saw "The Mad Show" (an obscure off-broadway show that premiered back in the 60s) CD soundtrack retail for the same $18. Who the hell cares about that?

Next is Disney's "Cinderella" (for lack of a better comparison) from 1950. The 2-DVD set retails at $30. Already a deal, but most stores sell it for around $20. I got mine for $15. Not only do you get the original movie which is aleady over an hour in length, but you get a bunch of bonus features since DVDs can carry between 2-6 hours of information, and you get to see it too.

I used to have "War of the Worlds" DVD. Then, Paramount reissued it with extras including the infamous radio broadcast from 1938. I used to have that on a separate CD. Now, they are together on the same piece of plastic.

My point is, the music industry continues to rip us off, while the movie industry is continually trying to get us more and more for the money. I tried to compare reissues of older material instead of the latest U2 album (which probably would retail for less than the reissued Lennon CD), but the result is just the same. DVDs are a much better bargain than a CD.

I would like to see the complete solo Lennon catalog issued on one or two DVDs and retail for $30 than these individual CDs for almost $20 a pop another time. I mean, how much money can you make on an old album. Most of the money for "Walls and Bridges" was made back in 1974, as it should have been, when Lennon was alive.

Or they could issue pre-programed IPODs with the complete Lennon catalog, Beatles material included.

No wonder people download things for free off of Napster-like websites.


Mark Arnold

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