Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ringo's Greatest Hits

This one is a little trickier. I did a George Harrison career-spanning greatest hits yesterday. Problem is, for poor old Ringo, he has had a lot of good tunes, but many people haven't heard any of them since 1974 since his career took a late 70s slump and has never fully recovered as far as new recordings go. His latest album "Choose Love" released earlier this year, came and went without a trace. Liking Ringo albums is akin to liking Yoko albums in most Beatlefan's respect. Too bad. So, to remedy this, I incorporated a lot of Ringo's best-known Beatles tunes too to round out the package. Granted, every track after #15 was a "should have been" hit. Again, this all fits nicely on an 80-minute CD.

1. Boys
2. I Wanna Be Your Man
3. Act Naturally
4. Yellow Submarine
5. With a Little Help From My Friends
6. Octopus's Garden
7. It Don't Come Easy
8. Back Off Boogaloo
9. Photograph
10. You're Sixteen
11. Oh My My
12. I'm the Greatest
13. Only You
14. No No Song
15. Goodnight Vienna
16. Private Property
17. Wrack My Brain
18. Weight of the World
19. Vertical Man
20. Christmas Dance
21. Eye to Eye
22. Instant Amnesia
23. Elizabeth Reigns
24. Don't Hang Up


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