Monday, October 31, 2005

Sad Sack #292

Alan Harvey (of Harvey Comics fame) has gone to great lengths to return "Sad Sack" to comic book shelves. This time he appears in an oversize edition that features a previously unpublished cover by "Sad Sack's" creator George Baker, and many previously unpublished stories by longtime "Sad Sack" artist and writer Fred Rhoads. This is especially great as both of these artists have since passed away. Hopefully, Alan will publish a little more frequently than in the past, but this is a great start! Be warned that this is in black and white, but that means you can appreciate the artwork a little better. Also, this item is currently in stock despite Amazon's claims otherwise. For more information contact Alan Harvey at or Mark Arnold at



clandis said...

Now this is funny ;)

blogme said...

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