Friday, October 07, 2005

Downloading Music and McCartney

I am one that has no problem paying an artist his due, but what really annoys me is when an artist has no real control over his back catalog or puts out a rare track that's only available in another country.

I'll use my old buddy Paul McCartney as an example. In the old vinyl days, he'd issue an album every so often and then between times a single featuring either a brand new track on at least the "B" side and sometimes both sides of the record.

In those analog days, you would just tape a compilation on a cassette. When CD's became the rage, everyone wanted all of those elusive tracks in that same CD quality. McCartney did pretty good about capturing all of his pre-1982 tracks, but he missed a few like "I'll Give You a Ring" and "Ode to a Koala Bear". Now, granted these aren't necessarily McCartney's best known tunes, but they were originally b-sides of big hits like "Take it Away" and "Say, Say, Say".

McCartney is really sloppy about handling this so I have no problem downloading these tunes. If he put out a legal comprehensive box set of this material, I'd pay the money in a minute. So Paul, how's about it?


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