Monday, October 31, 2005


Why is it that some people are totally unethical and immoral and have tons of money to play with and seem to be rewarded for their evil deeds or at the very least rewarded for doing some mindless sport or acting, while people that try to play by the rules and be a more positive influence on the planet are usually severely underpaid? If this sounds autobiographical, of course it is.

I am not saying celebrities and sport figures and politicians and CEO-types are all unethical or immoral, but they certainly are paid quite a lot sometimes for doing very little. I know, I know, they had to pay their dues to get where they are, but so have I. I have always been severely underpaid for what I do (I have never made six figures, just FYI).

I would love to come into a few hundred thousand dollars at one fell swoop in a windfall before the end of 2005. Not because I want to hoard it, but because I can use the money to help others and pay off my outstanding debts. And, I don't want it as a loan, I want it free and clear with no obligation to anyone.

When Hurricane Katrina happened, all I could do was sit back and pray, as I had no real tangible amount to contribute. In fact, there have been times during 2005 where I had no physical money amount to my name, no savings, no coinage, as it was all going towards paying previous debts and bills which have been piling up. Of course, I could sell my possessions, but I did get a paycheck eventually, for which I am grateful.

I pray to God daily and am thankful for the blessings I do receive and know that at some point I will finally be paid what I am worth for all that I do, be it sales, video, film, cartooning, writing, art, comic books, publishing, etc.

I hope that I am not sounding like a baby as much as sounding realistic. I am not asking for a handout (however if you want to send me something with no obligation, I won't object)...just your prayers. You will be blessed, too.


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