Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bangla Desh

"The Concert for Bangla Desh" came out on a US DVD (it came out a few years ago in Brazil), as well as a remastered CD in regular and deluxe packaging. For those who don't know (or don't care?), The Concert for Bangla Desh was the first charity rock concert orchestrated by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar way back in 1971, long before Live Aid or Farm Aid, etc. The concert itself has some interesting moments, particularly the long set by Bob Dylan who apparently hadn't set foot on stage in a number of years, and a solo by Ringo who messes up the words to his own "It Don't Come Easy". Too many drugs or nerves or both. Apparently John and Paul were invited to this as well. Paul said no on principal and John wouldn't do it unless Yoko was allowed to sing too. George said no, so John said no. So much for Beatles reunions. What's really interesting now is to watch this and then watch "Concert for George" right after and see a lot of the same players a little older making great music together as kind of bookends to George's solo career.

A funny aside if you can find it, "The Concert IN Bangla Desh" is a parody done at the time, which features two comics telling bad jokes with a hindu accent. The rimshots are done with a sitar and finger cymbal. It's on National Lampoon's "Radio Dinner" which really should be released on CD.

Good stuff all around.


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