Sunday, June 12, 2005

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Adam Awards never made it into print except for that single panel ad that ran in the late 70s (Richie Rich presents Adam Awards...He helps everyone). The story behind each of these characters is that Alfred Harvey asked his sons to create a new character. Alan Harvey created Komix Kidd (which finally was published in an ashcan edition by Alan in the 90s), Adam Harvey created Adam Awards, and Russel Harvey created Billy Bellhops which appeared in the "Richie Rich and Billy Bellhops" one-shot as well as on the cover of "Richie Rich Jackpots" #8. I don't think Eric Harvey created anything as he was younger.

Why no other new Harvey characters were created at this point is mainly due to internal squabbles that led to Alfred Harvey being deposed from his own company in 1977. That the company continued on for another five years is somewhat remarkable considering what went on.

It is worth noting that the focus of the company transitioned to the dramatic expansion of the Richie line, which reached its peak in 1979, when the famous "32 titles every two months" phrase first appeared. Amazingly, that phrase was really only accurate for about two months as the ability for Harvey to maintain that output on a consistent basis was not very good.

The only other new characters created in these latter years, were those that were linked to the Richie Universe, such as Mr. Cheepers, the Stone-Age Riches, Dr. Blemish, Timmy Time, etc.


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