Saturday, June 04, 2005

The African Queen vs. Mogambo

On page 54 of the Summer 2005 issue of "The Disney Magazine", they perpetuate the story that "The African Queen" (1951) inspired Walt Disney to create The Jungle Cruise attraction. While this may be true, no one ever seems to mention that "Mogambo" (1953) starring Clark Gable may have been a much closer inspiration for Disney. The film is like going on The Jungle Cruise, even including a scene where Gable fires a shot at an approaching hippopotamus!

I feel that the "African Queen" inspiration story is utilized as it is a much more famous film and was made first, but "African Queen" is only fleetingly similar to The Jungle Cruise, whereas "Mogambo" is astonishingly similar. I urge you to view "Mogambo" and judge for yourself.


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