Thursday, June 16, 2005

Comic Books I Buy

I haven't written about comic books in a long time. I am not your average comic book collector. I am not a big fan of the superheroes. Here's what I buy on a regular basis from Lee's Comics:

Bart Simpson
Looney Tunes
Mad Classics
Plastic Man
The Simpsons

Of course there are other one shot things like the "Little Lulu" softcover series from Dark Horse and "The Complete Peanuts" hardcover series from Fantagraphics that I buy whenever a new edition comes out, but the ones above are the monthly (or so) publications that I consistently get that keep publishing.

I would very much welcome return of Harvey Comics, and I am sort of getting my wish in September when "The Ultimate Casper" will be published.

I used to collect the EC reprints until they exhausted them and would collect "Dennis the Menace" if that title returned. Fantagraphics is going to debut with a "Dennis the Menace" series similar to "The Complete Peanuts" that compiles the daily strips, so I will probably purchase that, too.

It's not embarrassing to buy the things that I do; it's just that they are not the most popular things. Sure, I could by the latest "X-Men", "Spider-Man" or "Batman" titles, but that stuff just bores me. I'll go see the movies, but to read the monthly soap opera is of no interest to me.

I know that I am in the minority in that opinion, but I like what I read.


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