Friday, June 10, 2005

More Ringo

Radio stations are so bad. On KFOG the other day, they were mentioning new album releases. They mentioned that Coldplay has a long-awaited release and then they mentioned that Ringo had a new album, but the DJ couldn't keep from giving a slight chuckle to the prospect of a new Ringo album. I was tempted to e-mail KFOG, but hesitated realizing that this would make for better blog material.

What is strange about KFOG is that they will play a very wide variety of music from the 1960s to the present in all genres excepting maybe rap, so for them to chuckle at a new Ringo release is strange to say the least. I mean they do play songs like "Yellow Submarine" with semi-regularity with singing by guess who? Ringo. Bizarre to say the least. And it is especially weird since Ringo's singing, songwriting, drumming and albums are so much greater than they were when he was with The Beatles.

The Beatles only released 12 official songs with Ringo singing lead as a group:
I Wanna Be Your Man
Honey Don't
If You Got Troubles
Act Naturally
What Goes On
Yellow Submarine
With a Little Help From My Friends
Don't Pass Me By
Good Night
Octopus' Garden

Of these, 9 have been played repeatedly by Ringo in concert and at least 2 of them are considered bonifide Beatles classics. That's great odds! Couple that with some of Ringo's well-known solo hits:
It Don't Come Easy
Back Off Boogaloo
You're Sixteen
Oh My My
Only You
No No Song

Just my beef!


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