Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Big Boy

I don't know if you remember Bob's Big Boy. They had a long history starting in Glendale, CA in the 50s and by the late 80s had fallen on hard times. Apparently, they didn't go comepletely away as I recently got issue #513 of "The Adventures of the Big Boy". Also, I purchased some choice issues from the late 60s and early 70s and realized that I have about 125 issues of the series, most of them numbering between #135 and #310. The earliest issue I have is #60, in a copy that must be an east coast variant as Big Boy is wearing a cap and there are numerous references to Frisch's restaurant. Not much more to talk about but it is just fun to know that Big Boy is still there publishing away. Where other comics go by the wayside, Big Boy is one of the few that has survived past the 500 mark despite the odds. Only a handful of comic books can make that claim.


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