Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Paul McCartney Video

As you know from previous blogs, I am a huge Beatles fan. Yesterday (all my troubles...), I purchased a new DVD of a concert that Paul held in 2003 in Russia called "Paul McCartney in Red Square". The performance was excellent and I am so glad that Paul is in fine voice compared to the thrashed hoarse sound he performed with on his 1989-90 and 1993 tours. Maybe his new wife gave him some singing lessons!

It was nice to see McCartney do some tunes never performed live before, namely "Helter Skelter" and "Two of Us"! I know he always has his regulars which I kind of wish he would retire for a bit ("Hey Jude", "Yesterday", "Live and Let Die", etc., etc.) but overall I am glad he is willing to try something new in concert. If only he would play some of the latter-day Wings tunes and some of his 80s stuff live when he wasn't touring.

And, even though I usually support Ringo, this is one time where Paul has the upper hand as he is willing to change his set list every tour. Ringo always seems to have the same 5-10 tunes with little or no variation. I'd like to see Ringo perform "Oh My My" for example. It was only a Top 5 hit in the US!

Back to McCartney, I highly recommend the "Red Square" DVD. It is easily McCartney's best live video since "Wings Over America" which has yet to make it onto DVD, and it's only $12.99 at Best Buy...


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