Thursday, February 24, 2011


You know what I enjoy? Going to the library and check out CD's. Since the nature of my 9-5 job is driving around to customers, I spend a lot of time in the car and so that means I spend a lot of time playing music. Even though I love listening to my Beatles and other stuff in my collection, I've recently taken to checking out albums that I've heard about, but never have heard before. One of these groups is Traffic.

I got their greatest hits collection, and thought that the only tune I knew by them was "Dear Mr. Fantasy". Turns out, I knew most of the tunes, and some of them really surprised me which is what I love about listening to these things. There's a song called "Glad", which is an instrumental that I've heard zillions of times, but I had no idea it was Traffic. I thought it was some long lost Frank Zappa composition because it has that same feel as his "Peaches En Regalia".

Amazingly, both tunes were released in 1970, but I doubt one knew about the others compositional styles. Both don't sound like their respective artists typical work, but they both are great tunes. So, do me a favor and check Traffic out, and you might as well go for Steve Winwood solo and Blind Faith as well.


Lee Hester said...

Nice that you "discovered" Traffic. I love 'em! I've got all their albums if you want to borrow some.

Bishop said...

Some ages back I heard a great song on the radio called Rainmaker. Due to the flute solo, I was sure it was Jethro Tull. After looking a year for the Tull track, Zoe (my then wife) popped Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys on the stereo. And there was that "Tull" track. Low Spark went into heavy rotation for about two months after that.