Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Price is Right DVD

I love old game shows. I don't particularly care for the more recent ones, because they have too much of that "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" glitz that old game shows didn't have. Some folks think that the old ones are cheesy. Well, I like cheese.

In the past few years Game Show Network has shown some of these old goodies and some have been issued onto DVD. Unfortunately, I have been told that they haven't sold all that well, save for "The Match Game", which ironically I purchased when it came out.

I recently got "The Price is Right" DVD, which has been out for a few years and I love it! It's actually harder to play now, because you have to remember what prices were in 1972 compared to now if you're trying to play at home.

My only complaint about this set is that it has no shows from 1976 to the time right before Bob Barker's retirement. Strangely, they have left off Barker's debut show from 1972, and there are plenty of goodies from the boring Bill Cullen era, and none with Dennis James as host.

Then they have an entire disc devoted to Barker's final WEEK. I would have included just the final show and added more from the 80s and 90s. Maybe there's rights issues, but the more likely event is that a volume 2 probably was planned, but canceled due to low sales of the first one.

Other game shows I have yet to buy, but plan to are "Password" and "Family Feud".

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